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9 Weeks at a Peek
8th Grade: We will be covering Unit 1 Think Like a Historian and Unit 2 Colonial America .
6th Grade will be covering Unit 1 Think Like a Geographer and Unit 3 United States and Canada

Honors Projects; Updates and Information
All honors summer projects are due first day of school 8-16-18.
6th Grade Geography Poem due 8-24-18
Social Studies tutorials will be Thursdays.
3:45 p.m. to 4:30 p.m.
Students are to report to the Library and a Social Studies teacher will come by and take students to his or her's classroom.
NOTE: Besure to sign up to ride tutorial bus home in the Library with Mrs.Brooks if student needs a way home.
Retest/ School work Policy
A student has school 5 days from the time they are notified of the failing grade. to make arrangements to redo work, quiz or test. Can not receive a grade higher than a 70. In my class retest/ redo must be done during Social Studies tutorials or Study Hall.
Teacher Conference time:
My conference is 1st period 8:00-8:47
phone 936-336-3582