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NJHS Things for Calendar
APRIL 12 at 5:30
Members are expected to attend Induction for 7th grade NJHS and 8th grade will be recognized as 2 year members.

APRIL 27th at 6 pm.........Art Gala........need members to volunteer to greet parents.

TEACHER APPRECIATION WEEK..........around first week of May. Members will be bringing in a dish to support our LMS Teachers. More information later.
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Bartell, Adrianna
Beam, Maci
Bearden, Hannah
Best, Tori
Cannaday, Isabelle
Chambers, Destiny
Chandler, Caleb
Chavez, Christopher
Cline, Jordyn
Davis, Zachary
Drinkard, Sage
Evans, Gracie
Frazier II, Aaron
Fregia, Alyssa
Gerardo, Patricia
Goudeau, Mason
Jackson, Samantha
Jenkins, Briasia
Johnson, Rylie
Milentz, Ashley
Mordica, Cody
Nolan, James
Orand, Hannah
Partain, Zachery
Payne, Cameron
Payne Jr, Joshua
Rangel, Edgar
Reed, Trever
Riley, Landon
Roach, Pyper
Ruiz Barragan, Angel
Schilling, Tucker
Singh, Katelyn
Smith, Trinity
Stearns, Seth
Trahan, Adrienne
Valencia, Miryam
Villegas Gutierrez, Jazmin
Wages, Natalie
Waldrip, William
Walker, Austin
Williams, Aaron
LMS NJHS Officers
President Landon Riley
Vice President Trinity Smith
Secretary Ashley Milentz
Historian Adrienne Trahan
Treasurer Mason Goudeau

LMS NJHS Officers